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Tuesday 1 March 2011
Episode 2427

Sanjay makes a date with Valerie but it is obvious that he still feels something for Felicity. Ryno wonders about Isabelle.

San-Mari gets worked up when Paula and Aggie are in cahoots. The Meintjies family fights about Vince and Bonita. Gita makes a decision.

Wednesday 2 March 2011
Episode 2428

Vince lands a catering contract and wants Bonita to do the flowers. Altus and Pieter meet Justine, but something worries Altus about her.

Ryno asks Isabelle about Beverly Downing. How will Felicity react when Valerie tells her how Sanjay feels?

Thursday 3 March 2011
Episode 2429

How will Felicity react when Sanjay pleads with her? San-Mari is planning a series of articles to minimise Paula's chances.

Xander must borrow money when Vanessa asks him something. How will Isabelle stop Ryno when he wants to phone Helena?

Friday 4 March 2011
Episode 2430

Zinzi is San-Mari's guinea pig for her fitness program. Paula makes a plan when she hears Sanjay is gone.

Bonita is tense about the dinner at Vanessa's ... how will it go?

Justine tells Pieter it is better not to have Altus at their meetings.

Monday 7 March 2011
Episode 2431

Ryno confronts Isabelle with her lies ... but will she tell the truth? San-Mari is upset when she hears who is working for the Hillside Times.

Pieter is excited about the future of his career. Ryno is digging deeper in Isabelle's lies - will he find out more?

Tuesday 8 March 2011
Episode 2432

The guys create problems at T&T. How will Altus react when he hears that Justine doesn't think he is necessary?

Annelie and San-Mari see a new male challenge.

Paula asks everyone for help with her research - but will she get any? Ryno puts two-and-two together.

Wednesday 9 March 2011
Episode 2433

Isabelle flees from Ryno. Lukas is worried about his future at T&T and makes a decision.

Clara gets an envelope from Maria for the ironing. Ryno gets his hands on Isabelle's phone.

Thursday 10 March 2011
Episode 2434

Paula is frustrated when she tries to get tips for her column. Ryno confronts Tim about Isabelle.

Not everyone is as excited about the flower shop as Vince is. Pieter gets good news.

What will Isabelle do if Ryno can't forgive her?

Friday 11 March 2011
Episode 2435

Isabelle makes a decision about her work. Vanessa wonders if Ryno is so upset because of Dawid Greef and Emma is furious.

Paula's column is not going in the right direction.

Natalie can't make her and Errol's date and Charmaine has a suggestion.

How will Justine react when Pieter pushes her for a contract?

Monday 14 March 2011
Episode 2436

Errol finds out how Charmaine feels about Natalie. Felicity is scared Isabelle does something irresponsible.

How far will Bonita open up to Charmaine? Lukas' finances are in ruins, but will he realise he needs to make a plan?

Tuesday 15 March 2011
Episode 2437

How will Isabelle and Ryno react when they see each other? Bonita's flowers are stored in Vince's fridge.

Altus is not impressed when he hears Pieter doesn't have a contract.

Paula asks Maria a favour and Clara wins Maria at her own game.

Wednesday 16 March 2011
Episode 2438

Vince and Bonita make a shocking discovery. Will Pieter be happy with his contract?

Diederik is worried about his job when he hears it is almost time for Alyce to come back. Errol wins Natalie's heart.

Xander makes a shocking discovery about Bonita.

Thursday 17 March 2011
Episode 2439

What will Neville think about Paula's article? Vince insists on going ahead with the freezer. Xander enquires about Bonita.

Errol buys something special for Natalie but she doesn't react the way he hoped. Justine pushes Pieter to sign the contract.

Friday 18 March 2011
Episode 2440

Hilda changes her mind about the Gerber-wedding when Matrone does something. Pieter and Altus have an argument.

Lukas is excited about a job prospect. Natalie gives Errol shocking news.

Monday 21 March 2011
Episode 2441

Emma dodges when Hilda asks about Dawid. Matrone is worried that Hilda's dishes for the Gerber-wedding might be a triumph.

Paula must write her own articles without Maria's help. Maria sees something between Bonita and another man.

Tuesday 22 March 2011
Episode 2442

The Gerber-wedding's guest list gets longer. Bonita tries to stop additional costs to the freezer.

Altus breaks news about Alyce. San-Mari and Annelie argue about a hunk.

Will Bonita agree to have dinner with Neville and Charmaine?

Wednesday 23 March 2011
Episode 2443

Errol is confused about the gift from Natalie. Pieter gets a call from the gallery where his paintings hang and he signs a contract without reading it.

How will Hilda react when she finds out that Oubaas and Matrone discussed her?

Thursday 24 March 2011
Episode 2444

Things are crazy in the deli with Hilda's catering. Neville confronts Bonita and asks why she doesn't want to have dinner with them.

Ryno makes it clear that there is no chance for reconciliation between him and Isabelle.

Vince is in shock when he finds out what Bonita has done.

Friday 25 March 2011
Episode 2445

Bernard wonders if another guy is in the picture and that leads to a fist fight. Matrone has a plan to take over the catering, but Diederik puts a stop to it.

Emma phones Dawid to hear when he is coming back.

Monday 28 March 2011
Episode 2446

How will Matrone react when she realises that the deli is still doing the catering?

Neville wants to talk to Paula in his office. Ernard realises San-Mari is lying to him.

Pieter hears that the company thinks they are paying big bucks for his paintings.

Tuesday 29 March 2011
Episode 2447

Lukas is back from the gamefarm and reveals what it was like. Emma's friend is sceptical about his return.

Natalie has a convincing story about her trip and Errol makes a descision about his holiday.

Everyone wonders about Gita being back.

Wednesday 30 March 2011
Episode 2448

Dawid makes a suggestion that Emma turns down. Vanessa wonders about Xander's intense chat to a man.

How will Tim react when Gita asks about Ava? Errol is in shock when Natalie tells him something.

Thursday 31 March 2011
Episode 2449

How will San-Mari react when she hears Bernard flirted with another girl? What will Xander decide about Notnagel?

Dawid will help Pieter to get justice regarding Justine. Emma finds something on Dawid's phone.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010
Episode 2298

Felicity is driven to prove Emma's innocence with regards to the boutique's finances. Sanjay struggles to talk to someone at Jacobsville with regards to the illnesses.

Oubaas has good luck with regards to a vehicle. Gita is relieved when Len gives her a report about Bright Star. Mandla breaks shocking news to Alyce.

Thursday, 2 September 2010
Episode 2299

How will Alyce react when Mandla tells her he has to go away for his new job? Matrone is disappointed when Daan suddenly leaves. Will Annelie be able to handle her first day at Dukes?

It looks as if Oubaas bought a dud when he bought his bakkie. Gita is shocked when Len shows her Sanjay's article about Jacobsville.

Friday, 3 September 2010
Episode 2300

Felicity is grateful when Xander offers to handle the situation with Rosie. Clara and Matrone hear about Kabelo's secret - what will they do with that information?

Gita gives Len an order and tells him that he has to keep it secret. Linda is upset about the terrible conditions in which the kids in Jacobsville must live. Mandla made a decision with regards to his job, but Alyce makes him change his mind.

Monday, 6 September 2010
Episode 2301

Mandla and Alyce tell everyone what they've decided about Mandla's new job. Van Coke Kartel must work with Alyce to get everything ready for their gig at the club.

Linda finds out what's in the water that causes all the illnesses in Jacobsville.

Errol brings something valuable to Oubaas - which he found in Oubaas's bakkie. Bernard is upset when he sees who San-Mari is dancing with.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010
Episode 2302

Will Kabelo's tip work for Matrone? Herman gets suspicious when Gita is stressed while she is on the phone with Len.

Bernard and Tim have an argument when Bernard tells Tim what he wants to study. How will Herman react when he sees where Annelie works at night?

Wednesday, 8 September 2010
Episode 2303

Annelie asks Herman to keep quiet about her job at Dukes, but will he agree? Zinzi tries to persuade Oubaas to sell the ring for millions, but Oubaas has other plans.

Kabelo gets stressed when Matrone asks for a very important love tip. Xander suggests to Linda that she leaves the water pollution story when he tells her who the owner of Bright Star is.

Thursday, 9 September 2010
Episode 2304

Kabelo must think on his feet when Matrone pressures him for a tip. Linda makes a decision about the water pollution story.

Annelie is in a difficult situation when one of her Duke's clients arrives at Oppiekoffie. Bernard tries his best to get a date with San-Mari.

Gita tells Len to get rid of any evidence that might show that they are guilty of the water pollution.

Friday, 10 September 2010
Episode 2304

Linda is ready to get the necessary evidence against Gita and asks Tim for help. T and T's computer have a virus and Nico explains what they are in for.

Kabelo tries to get love tips from Oubaas - but will his plan work? Annelie is in a very uncomfortable position at Duke's and Herman comes to her rescue.

Monday, 13 September 2010
Episode 2306

The team at T and T wonder why Herman cancelled the order with the golf-rep. Kabelo shares weird love tips to anyone who asks.

How will Gita react when Tim confronts her about the pollution in Jacobsville?

Daan is not what he pretends to be. Nico feel embarrassed when Bernard pitches-up unexpectedly.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010
Episode 2307

Tim confronts Linda about her accusations against Gita. Oubaas finds the owner of the ring - but Maria is unsure if it is the right person.

Matrone lures Daan to the bookshop to try the new love tip. Felicity doesn't want to use her crutches anymore.

Nico is in an uncomfortable position at T and T.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010
Episode 2308

Oubaas gives the ring to a man who has a long story involving his mother who  lost it.

Linda confronts Gita but Gita manages to leave her dumbfounded. Bernard succeeds in getting something from his mother - which later causes a big argument. Annelie gets a temporary extra job opportunity.

Sanjay went to see Len and smells something is fishy.

Thursday, 16 September 2010
Episode 2309

San-Mari tells Nico how her date with Bernard went. How will Tim react when he reads Sanjay's article about Bright Star? Gita confronts Len about the way he handles the press.

Altus' new GPS gets stolen. It becomes clear who Daan actually is - while Matrone has big plans. Herman and Annelie find themselves in an uncomfortable position.

Friday, 17 September 2010
Episode 2310

Sanjay reads an article in Die Oggendblad that puts a stop to his story about Bright Star. Something from Vanessa and San-Mari also gets stolen. Oubaas recieves a letter from the man who took the ring - it's something he didn't expect.

Felicity tells Matrone the truth about Daan.

Annelie is unsure about her emotions when she sees Herman and Gita together. Bernard finds a way to make San-Mari feels better.

Monday, 20 September 2010
Episode 2311

Len's secretary sees a certain document and makes a drastic decision. Nico makes a suggestion for T and T's security problems.

Matrone realises she made a huge mistake.

Gita and Herman have a massive argument. Annelie works alone in T and T at night and something scary happens.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010
Episode 2312

Matrone is on a mission to correct her mistake, but will she be successful? Oubaas hears that Hilda arrives today but he is scared that she will still be furious with him.

Linda gets good news from Sanjay. San-Mari sees something on T and T's security cameras that breaks her heart.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010
Episode 2313

Bernard wants an explanation from San-Mari, but will she give him one? Sanjay gets the results from the water he tested higher up in the river. One of Oubaas' love tips spreads through the Laan. Gita apologises to Herman, but will he accept it? Lukas sees a new side of Bernard.

Thursday, 23 September 2010
Episode 2314

Oubaas is worried when he talks about someone's set-backs. Alyce makes a plan to get Felicity out of her wheelchair. Hilda gets suspicious when she hears a certain word twice that day.

Annelie is compelled to tell Herman what happened herself. Sanjay and Linda discuss their plan of action and both of them get more information.

Friday, 24 September 2010
Episode 2315

Annelie opens up to Herman about her relationship with Pieter. It is clear that it is not only the T and T team that are using their security cameras. Hilda confronts the guilty parties about the "Vlinder".

Sanjay and Lida make an important connection with their facts. Gita gets an upsetting call from Hemmingway. Something happens and ruins San-Mari date with a new guy.

Monday, 27 September 2010
Episode 2316

Oubaas pulls out all the stops and tries to reconcile with Hilda. Neville has a suggestion for how they can raise funds for the old age home. Nico feels he is making progress when San-Mari pushes the right buttons.

Len threatens his secretary when she tells him what happened and Gita gives Len an instruction in connection with Linda. What will happen when Herman pitches while Annelie is babysitting Ava?

Tuesday, 28 September 2010
Episode 2317

San-Mari is uncertain about what happened outside her flat that morning. Herman is frustrated when Annelie doesn't want to talk to him.

How will the Hillsiders react on Neville's idea for a recipe book? The deli is the next place on Sanjay's list for his restaurant review. Linda is late for dinner and Bernard discovers something upsetting.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010
Episode 2318

Gita hears what happened to Linda. Annelie gets a message from Pieter that upsets her and she agrees to talk to Herman later the day. Gita, unknowingly, puts a stop to Yvette's plans.

Linda made a decision about the Bright Star story. Someone is keeping an eye on San-Mari in her flat as well.

Thursday, 30 September 2010
Episode 2319

San-Mari is worried when she finds out that something from her flat is missing. How will the people react to the review about the deli? Diederik must taste Clara's Romanian dishes she wants to enter for the Cook book.

What will Herman do when Gita invites him for the evening but he already asked Annelie on a date?

1 January 2010
Gita explains why there are people hammering in the Heights. Altus whats to speak about his feelings for Paula, but San-Mari makes it impossible. Ryno goes to Pieter and tells him exactly what he wants from him.

4 January 2010

Gita feels the baby kicking; will this make her start to soften towards Tim? Paula tries to avoid Altus because she can’t handle the tension between them. Isabelle tries to find out from Pieter about his mother who he made a portrait of. Anne makes things between her and Dawid uncomfortable when someone sees her coming out of his flat late at night.

5January 2010

Gita shares her plans for the Heights. Paula and Altus confess how they feel about each other, but what are they going to do? Zinzi spreads gossip that upsets Emma and she ends up crying on another mans shoulder. Tim finds out how Pieter fits into the picture and tries to convince Ryno to talk about it.

6 January 2010

Vanessa has a plan on how they can get the plans for the Heights. Ryno gives Pieter an ultimatum, will he fall for it? Emma expects the worst when Dawid cannot tell her why Anne took the decision she did. Paula and Altus are alone; will Altus be able to stop himself from kissing her?

7 January 2010
Annelie makes a decision about her relationship with Pieter.  How will Tim react if Isabelle opens up to him about Pieter. Paula is upset when she hears that Altus is pulling out of Miss Madeleine and that she has something to do with it. 

8 January 2010

Will Gita be able to keep Felicity convinced that she doesn’t have any plans for the Boutique.  Paula tries to avoid Altus but he doesn’t allow her too. Mandla does an interview with Anne about Dawid, what is she going to divulge?  Isabelle finally hears what’s been bothering Pieter.

11 January 2010
 Tim and Aggie find out exactly what Gita is planning with the Heights. Isabelle hopes that Tim can tell her more about Ryno and Pieter.
Paula is committed to stop this thing with Altus, but isn't sure if she'll be able to. There is confrontation, reconciliation and anxiety between Emma and Dawid.

12 January 2010
How will Isabelle react when she hears Ryno's tragic story? Dawid tries to support Anne when he sees what happened after her husband has read the article about them.
Emma is crushed about what she sees when she goes to Dawid. Kabelo sees someone taking pictures of Dawid and Anne.

13 January 2010
Maria is suspicious about Soekie. Aggie tells San-Mari and Alyce what Gita's plans are with the Heights. A confrontation between Emma and Dawid ends unresolved.
Pieter doesn't want to go to the exhibition and Xander has a talk with him. Tim is touched by Pieter's art and speaks to Ryno about it.

14 January 2010
Dawid is uneasy when Anne tells him that she and Max have had a reconciliation. Gita takes Tim on about his involvement in her plans with the Heights.
Oubaas and Hilda spoil San-Mari's plans with Altus and she is furious when she gets home and sees what's going on.

15 January 2010
San-Mari takes drastic steps against Paula and Altus. Hilda wants to organise something in honour of Soekie's award.
Will Pieter have sympathy when he hears why Ryno is so inaccessible? Isabelle confronts Ryno, she feels he is punishing her and Pieter for something they didn't do.

18 January 2010
The residents of the Heights want to take action, but Gita puts a stop to it. San-Mari gets humiliated when she hears what everyone has to say about Altus and Paula. Ryno is shocked when Tim speaks to him. Dawid tries to reach out to Emma, but will she accept it?

19 January 2010
It is obvious that Errol recognises Soekie, and they aren't good memories. San-Mari takes revenge against Paula. Xander wonders why Max would have sent the pictures to the newspaper. Tim makes contact with Pieter, but how will Pieter react?

20 January 2010
Errol reveals what he knows about Soekie. Emma is in a state when she hears what Dawid's plans are.
Anne loses it when she sees the PI again. Emma is shocked when she sees what is going on with Anne and Dawid. Dawid finds something terrible in his flat.

21 January 2010
Can Emma believe Dawid about what happened? Will San-Mari succeed to create conflict between Paula and Altus? Hilda hopes that Gita will have a change of heart if she pleads for the Heights. Errol puts two and two together with Soekie.

 22 January 2010
 Emma can't switch off her feelings for Dawid and takes drastic steps. Soekie hears something about Oubaas and Hilda that makes her smile. Tim has a plan to make the people conscious about the Heights dilemma. San-Mari gets hold of Paula's dress for the Miss Madeleine cocktail.

25 January 2010
San-Mari takes revenge against Paula at the Miss Madeleine launch. How will Gita react when she sees that Tim takes her on through the Hillside Times? Herman wonders about the murder when Xander tells him something. Matrone speaks to Ryno and is sympathetic towards his struggle.

26 January 2010
Charmaine gets upset when she talks about Oppiekoffie and she confronts Gita. Isabelle is scared that she missed her last chance to reconcile with Ryno. Paula realises what San-Mari did and she and Altus has a fight over it. Errol is shocked when he hears what Oubaas is planning to do with his money. Herman tries to figure something out with regards to the murder.

27 January 2010
Tim got a TV program involved in his campaign and they want to interview Hilda – will she say the right things, or will Tim have to take over? How will Gita react to the interview with Charmaine in the newspaper? Herman goes to theatre and something in the play makes him wonder about the murder.

28 January 2010
How will Paula react when she sees Altus and San-Mari together? Gita takes drastic steps with because of all the negative publicity around her development. Errol hears about Oubaas and Hilda’s planned investment and reacts frantic. Herman makes an arrangement to see Anne and makes a shocking allegation.

29 January 2010
Herman gets the truth about the murder on tape. Pieter gets news from the Kellerman foundation that could pay for his studies. Gita goes into action, she doesn’t get intimidated by the petition. Mandla refuses to buy Errol’s story about Soekie without concrete facts.

1 February 2010
Dawid hears what’s happening with the accusations against him. The Heights’ residents take drastic steps against Gita, and it seems as if it concerns her. Does San-Mari have any plans to forgive Paula?

2 February 2010
Gita explains what is going to happen after the march. Will Ryno go to Pieter’s exhibition? Emma realises what will happen with her relationship with Dawid. Soekie takes drastic steps to make sure Errol doesn’t stop her plans.

3 February 2010
How will Altus react if he sees that Paula and San-Mari are fighting again? Anne is stopped when she tries to flee. Mandla is very suspicious when Errol changes his story about tannie Soekie. Gita explains to Tim why she planned everything and both of them get emotional.

4February 2010
Zinzi brings news about Gita. Anne explains why she doesn’t have any remorse about what she did. Errol is stressed when he hears what Oubaas and Hilda are planning. Isabelle speaks to Ryno about his indifference towards Pieter.

5 February 2010
Matrone gets a plan to raise funds to pay Aggie. What will Mandla do when Errol tells him the whole story about tannie Soekie? Emma wonders where she fits in with Dawid’s plans and asks him directly. Pieter confronts Ryno and have to leave with his tail between his legs

8 February 2010
A sneaky Matrone has another plan to raise funds. Emma is shocked when she hears about Dawid’s plans. Pieter is nowhere to be found and Ryno realise where he is. Mandla and Errol gets information on Soekie that changes their investigation.

9 February 2010
Annelie is in a flat spin when she realise that there are more implications for Pieter’s situation. Dawid greats Helena in jail and gets an unsuspected reaction. Errol and Mandla must get the final evidence against Soekie while Oubaas and Hilda are at the point where they will hand over their money. Will Errol and Mandla succeed to put a stop to it?

10 February 2010
Ryno visits Pieter in hospital, but how will he react when he sees who are there already. Gita organises a press conference where she reveals her newest plans. Dawid says how he feels about Emma and she realises it again. Dawid gets a phone call from jail, which helps him to decide what to do with Anne’s portrait.

11 February 2010
Will Neville be able to answer all Charmaine’s questions about the quotations? Errol receives a typical Hilda-gift to say thank you. Emotions runs high when there is a change in Pieter’s situation. Gita must watch as Tim gets a lot of praise, how will she react?

12 February 2010
Ryno puts a stop to Matrone’s plans to raise funds. Gita receives a fax that makes her very uneasy. Isabelle is emotional and hopeful that there will be a reconciliation between Ryno and Pieter. Herman covers when he is asked about his feelings for Emma.


All Spoilers for December 2009 are up... looks to be interesting

1 December 2009
Marko has an appointment with the PR Girl from Miss Madeleine – will he be able to impress her? Stan asks San-Mari to accompany him to a function which leaves her feeling uncomfortable. Dawid sees Herman and Emma together and that makes him feel discouraged.

2 December 2009
Gita attacks San-Mari and tells her that she must keep Stan happy. Emma makes a drastic decision about the painting Dawid made for her. Vince realises something fishy is going on with Zandile. Altus finds out about Miss Madeleine and confronts Marko and that leads to a major fight.

3 December 2009
San-Mari realises how much the Coverland deal means to Herman and she is forced to make a decision with about Stan. Emma is worried about how Dawid will react when he hears what she did. Clara finds out the truth about Marko and Bruynwaves and makes a decision about their relationship

4 December 2009
: Mango Groove plays in the club and everyone has a ball. Errol gets an unexpected visitor who leaves him heartbroken. Altus gets a surprise when Sanet arrives at his office. Marko tries to patch things up with Clara – will she agree? Emma is devastated when she hears the news about Dawid.

07 December 2009
Neville wonders why Marko wants to meet with him. Marko tells Clara why he lied to her, but will she forgive him? San-Mari makes a date with Stan and tries to keep it from Altus. Stan puts San-Mari in a very uncomfortable position.

08 December 2009
The girls hear about the Miss Madeleine competition and two of them decide to enter. Isabelle takes a look at Pieter’s painting and wonders about it. San-Mari gets tackled about her evening with Stan and Altus is also furious.

09 December 2009
Annelie and Clara find out that only one of them is through to the Miss Madelaine competition. Matrone gets shocking news which can lead to her trip to the Bahamas not happening.  Zandile breaks the news about the 2010 plans and everyone is mystified. Pieter finds out if he is one of the finalists for Studio 7’s competition.

10 December 2009
Dawid is back and goes to Emma with a request, but will she accept? It is one crisis after the other with the Miss Madeleine launch. Miss Hugo’s flight is delayed but she arrives just in time and is actually well known in Hillside. Pieter is intrigued when they crown the winner, but one of the judges beats him to his plans.

11 December 2009
Oubaas and Vince try to convince Zandile to change her mind – will they succeed this time? Pieter reacts very strangely when the Hillsiders talk about their childhood. Alyce confronts Altus about his attitude towards San-Mari and he decides to go to the flat, even though he wasn’t invited.

14 December 2009
Pieters’ behaviour makes Xander, Vanessa and Annelie feel uneasy. Zandile is vague about her plans for 2010. She has a telephone conversation and Maria understands it and get suspicious. Altus asks Sanet whether she has any new information about Miss Hugo. Marko gets a mysterious call which leaves him confused.

15 December 2009
Episode 30 : Maria and Oubaas get suspicious when Zandile asks for the keys for the Heights. Pieter tries to appologise to Annelie, but will she accept? Marko tells Clara shocking news.

16 December 2009
Alyce tries to make jam – will she be able to impress Mandla with it? Altus has romantic plans for himself and San-Mari but he finds something out that puts a stop to it. Clara realises what will happen to her if she goes with Marko.

17 December 2009
Maria sees what Alyce is doing with the jam, will she keep quiet? Gita helps Matrone with her trip to the Bahamas. Clara gives Marko her answer about whether she will go with him or not.

18 December 2009
Pieter manages to upset Annelie once again and she makes a decision about the situation. Everybody says goodbye to Marko. Charmaine is suspicious when Francois wants information on Oppiekoffie.

21 December 2009
Clara is very sad about Marko, but Errol gets a way to cheer her up. Matrone gets bad news about her loan application and hears that she must keep the bazaar money with her. Pieter talks about how he grew up and what he wants to do in future. Emma and Gita exchange words and Gita comes up with a sly plan.

22 December 2009
Emma reads an article in a gossip newspaper which upsets her. Matrone squirms when Oubaas asks her about the bazaar money. Miss Hugo arrives and Sanet is shocked by what she does. Pieter is shocked when he sees a photo in Ryno’s wallet.

23 December 2009
Alyce must make a plan when Maria confronts her about the jam. Altus realises that San-Mari is insecure about Paula and that he needs to do something about it. Dawid gets a strange request which makes Emma uncomfortable. Charmaine breaks shocking news to the Oppiekoffie team.

24 December 2009

Zandile breaks shocking news about the Heights. Errol has a clever way to get Charmaine a big Christmas gift. Paula tries to hide how she feels about Altus and San-Mari’s relationship. Matrone decides she must tell the truth about the bazaar money. Pieter gets news about the art competition and he has mixed emotions.

25 December 2009

Matrone makes a warmhearted gesture to the elderly for Christmas. Oubaas eats too much again – what will happen to him this time? Emma is upset when Anne takes up Dawids’ time. Pieter gets news from the art school and he is upset.

28 December 2009
Anna invites Emma and Dawid to have dinner with her and her husband, but will Emma be willing to do it? Isabelle curbs Pieter’s enthusiasm and future plans. Paula needs to cover about her plans for the evening.

29 December 2009
Neville promises something to Charmaine and then doesn’t do it. Emma is worried about the fact that Dawid defends Anne. Everyone is shocked when they see who the new owner of the Heights is. Pieter goes to Ryno and shock him with some news.

30 December 2009
How will Ryno react on the news from Pieter? Herman’s feelings for Emma are clear. Dawid must decide if he is going to work with Anne or if he must cancel an appointment with Emma. Paula spoils a romantic evening for Altus and San-Mari.

31 December 2009
Dawid and Emma have an argument about Anne taking up all Dawid’s time, will they be able to reconcile this time? Errol has to make a plan to go to the club without anyone recognizing him. Paula has an escort for New Years Eve, but who will kiss her when they do the countdown?


2nd November
Alyce asks San-Mari to be one of her bridesmaids. Hilda wants to decorate the flat in an African Rainbow theme. San-Mari is worried about Theron and Terreblanches’ financial status. Tim is impressed with Elsabés’ research on the poolwater. Alyce hears that their wedding must be at both hers and Mandla’s parents’ houses. Mandla asks Marko, Diederik and Kabelo to be his groomsmen. Gita hears about Theron and Terreblanche’s financial status.

3rd November
Vanessa and Vince decide they have to do something about the decorating of Hilda’s flat and they ask a few people for help. Altus offers to help Diederik with his audio visual presentation. Gita gets two options for a teambuilding weekends and her mind starts working overtime. Emma gets Oubaas and Hilda out of the flat so that Vanessa and her team can transform the place. Charmaine offers her house to Mandla and Alyce for their wedding seeing that both their families are so far.

4th November
Charmaine realises that her house is too small to fit everyone in and they decide to move the wedding to Oppiekoffie. Alyce has a fit when she sees the shoes that have been chosen for her to wear on her wedding day. Elsabé finds out that there is something wrong with the content of chemicals in the swimming pool and she assumes that Oom Pottie is involved. Gita tries to persuade Herman to agree to a business deal, but he makes it clear that he’s not interested.

5th November
Alyce is in tears because she still has not heard from her parents and she asks Hilda and Oubaas to be her parents for her wedding day. Mandla’s uncles are not impressed that an events company is organising the wedding. Mandla realises that he completely forgot about the Sheep he was supposed to get and Altus has to come up with a plan. The guys and ladies are hard at work, practicing their songs and dances. Refilwe pitches up and after a fight with Alyce, she demands that they cancel the whole wedding.

6th November
Alyce finds out that her mother has a drinking problem and that she wasn’t on a shopping spree, but in rehab. Mandla is worried that the sheep are not going to arrive on time. Alyce and Refilwe resolve their problems and have an emotional moment when Refliwe sees her daughter in her wedding outfit. Mandla beams when he sees Alcye entering Oppiekoffie with her entourage. The boutique girls must work fast when they see there is something wrong with Alyces’ Zulu outfit. Alyce gets het Zulu name “Khanyisile” which means “to lighten up”. The meat arrives on time, the Zulu outfit got fixed just in time and the party kicks off on a high note.

9th November
Diederik has problems with his friends’ “voices” for his assignment and has to make a plan. Elsabe accused Oom Pottie for the chemical balance of the swimming pool. Isabelle gets some news that will jeopardise their mosaic course. Herman has to make a tough decision with regards to his workers.

10th November
Herman has to reconsider Gita’s offer, but decides against it if he hears why she’s doing it. Hilda insists that Vince and Vanessa change the photo’s of the flat. Altus is worried when he hears what is going on with the JP’s contract. Xander accuses Vanessa for the mess Studio 7 is in.

11th November
Neville can’t handle the conciseness of Charmaine’s house anymore and suggest something that shocks Charmaine. T and T are sabotaged and this forces Herman to take drastical steps. Oubaas is in shock when Zandile comes in and want to know about the flats for twenty ten. Marko and Altus have a fight over JP’s and Marko decides this is it.

12th November
Herman tells San-Mari and Lukas that he can save T and T. Marko realises that he over reacted and asks Altus for a second chance. Zandile takes revenge when she finds out what Oubaas and his clan planned behind her back.

13th November
Herman has a fight with Gita when she order them around in T an T. Will Xander be able to calm Zandile and convince her to make peace with Oubaas? Dawid gives Emma a gift that is worth a fortune. Two of the 7de Laners discover unexpected romantic emotions towards each other.

16th November
Alyce and Mandla are back from their honeymoon and Alyce tells people what she thinks of her in laws. Mandla confronts Elsabé about stealing the swimming pool story. Dawid gets a document from Australia that upsets him. Zandile asks for a meeting to discuss what will happen with the flat for 2010.

17th November
Dawid has to make plans in order to get some money. Gita and the Coverland people arrive at Theron and Terreblanche and Herman sees what his staff is capable of. Diederik gets back his results for his assignement. Altus and San-Mari go on their first date.

18th November
Mandla makes it clear what he thinks of Elsabé’s research. Altus asks San-Mari on a second date and she struggles to give him an answer. Emma is uneasy when Dawid lies to her. Altus is upset when he gets news on the JP’s contract.

19th November
Altus takes drastic steps when he hears why they didn’t get the JP’s contract. San-Mari resents the way she handled Altus and tries to find a way to make up with him. Neville is shocked when Charmaine tells him how she feels about moving.

20th November
Mandla gets new information on the swimming pool story. Dawid gets good news from Isabelle, but it makes Emma uneasy. San-Mari tries to get Altus’ attention at the Heuwels Fantasities performance in the club, but someone else gets Altus on the dance floor.

23rd November
Neville tells everyone what he and Charmaine decided about the house. Mandla gets an idea of who is responsible for the swimming pool scandal. Herman sees how Emma is crying and is furious about it.

24th November
What will Dawid do when Herman confronts him about Emma? Neville is upset when he finds out that Hillside Times published false information. Dawid gets desperate for money and asks Isabelle to help.

25th November
Tim gives Elsabè a warning, but she has other ideas. The gallery trio decide to launch a competition that involves the Hillside Times. Marko is convinced that he has a golden opportunity and he gets ready for action.

26th November
San-Mari throws a party for all her friends without inviting Altus. Gita is looking for a new challenge – what has she got up her sleeve this time? Everybody is in shock when they see what Altus and San-Mari are up to.

27th November
Isabelle and Vanessa try to convince Xander to employ Pieter, but will they succeed? Matrone asks Ryno about a photo of a woman in Ryno’s wallet. A frustrated Dawid can’t seem to get going with his painting and takes it out on Emma.

These are day to day spoilers.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Charmaine is disappointed when Diederik and Errol say they can’t be at the high tea after the wedding. Hilda is busy finishing off the wedding cake.

Emma and Felicity have to think up a story very quickly when Charmaine walks in on them. Neville and Charmaine get the surprise of their lives.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Errol can’t stop talking about the wedding. Marko tells Diederik that he’s got sour grapes over the situation with Clara.

Matrone warns Errol that there’s a thief in Hillside. Herman sees Emma and Dawid together. Errol sees what is in Janines’ handbag.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Neville and Charmaine are back from honeymoon. Errol hears Herman yell at Lukas about the theft at T&T. Janine wants to borrow money from Errol. Mandla gets discouraged. Gita gives Emma shocking news.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Emma is shocked by what Gita tells her, and she wants to know why Gita would do something like this. Linda feels she should get whats due to her from the divorce settlement.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Errol assures everyone at home that his relationship with Janine is over. Linda tells Xander how upset Tim is with her. Gita tries to fish information out of Zinzi about what is going on with Emma. Emma calls Xander to come and help her when Dawid make a nuisance of himself.

Thursday, 9 October 2009

Janine tries to get into Errols' good books again. Mandla tells Alyce what his problem with Natasha is. Janine overhears something Emma says and it gives her an idea. The Wildsfees committee have their first meeting. Dawid tries to get Emma to see things from his point of view.

Friday, 10 October 2009

Charmaine tells Neville about her concerns regarding Errol. Alyce promises Mandla that she'll sort Natasha out. Neville and Tim interview a candidate for Paula's position. Janine gets desperate. Gita asks a very happy Dawid how his relationship with Emma is going.

Monday, 13 October 2009

Yvonne insists that Janine pays her what she owes her. Janine hears Vanessa invite Emma over for dinner and Errol begs her not to go ahead with her plan. Clara is disappointed when Diederik and Lukas give her the cold shoulder. Janine tries to emotionally blackmail Errol.

Tuesday, 14 October 2009

Charmaine insists that Errol tell her where he was. Diederik and Kabelo ask Oubaas to tell his hunting stories at the Wildsfees. Mandla tries to interview Natasha again. Charmaine and Neville try and get Errol to tell the truth but he just keeps on lying.

Wednesday, 15 October 2009

Diederik tells Neville about the theft at Emmas' flat. Maria is shocked by what she picks up in Emmas' flat. Natasha reads the first draft of Mandlas' article and she is not impressed. Maria takes Charmaine to Emmas' flat. Charmaine and Neville confront Errol.

Thursday, 16 October 2009

Charmaine is really bothered by the situation with Errol. She believes he is innocent but Neville has a very realistic approach to all the evidence. Diederik delegates the last few tasks among the Wildsfees committee.

Vanessa gets a cheaper company to transport the paintings needed for the exhibition. Errol sees something that makes him lose his temper.

Friday, 17 October 2009

Neville demands that either Errol tells him what is going on, or he goes to the police. Emma still doesn't want anything to do with Dawid and she puts in notice for her flat. The exhibition is busy turning into one big disaster. Emma realises who stole her painting. Errol makes a gruesome discovery.

Monday, 20 October 2009

Errol is worried about Janine and is forced to spill the beans about what's going on. Isabelle shares her thoughts about Dawid with Emma. Gita is furious when she sees what's happening in the relationship between Emma and Dawid.

Tuesday, 21 October 2009

Mandla and Aggie work out a plan for him to spoil Alyce. Neville is shocked when he realises that a new journalist has been employed, and she is not impressed with her first task. Herman finds out that Dawid was paid to seduce Emma.

Wednesday, 22 October 2009

Errol realises that the payment from Janine's parents is not enough to drop the charges against her. Alyce discovers something about the bracelet she received from Mandla. Herman confronts Emma about her relationship with Dawid. Elsabe has a plan up her sleeve.

Thursday, 23 October 2009

Janine is worried about her future. Alyce is told that she can't go ahead with her wedding plans. Emma is warned against Dawid. After a huge fight with Xander, Vanessa looks for a new place to stay.

Friday, 24 October 2009

Alyce gets new hope regarding her wedding plans. Vanessa is not ready to give in to Xander. Aggie and Mandla are skeptical about Elsabes' work ethics. Felicity shares her ideas on the game festival.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Diederik is furious because he has to cancel the game festival, and he blames Marko. Refilwe has a fit when she sees what Alyce has to wear for the introduction to her in-laws.

Mandla is worried about the hand-over of the rest of the Lobola going smoothly. Will Vanessa forgive Xander, or were all his efforts in vain.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The day of the game festival has arrived. Ryno and Tim decide to take part in Hilda's eating contest and get some competition from two ladies. An unexpected competition takes place between Neville and Charmaine.

Altus is auctioned off for R1000 and Clara pulls out all the stops to get her man.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Clara's got a new "best friend". Mandla and Alyce have to ask for help with their wedding plans. Aggie is not impressed when she sees how Elsabé is working with Tim. Dawid starts with a new painting after finding new inspiration. Xander does something drastic to get Vanessa back home.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Clara sees Marko flirting with another girl. San-Mari and Lukas get bad news about Theron and Terreblanche. Elsabé quickly switches off her computer before anyone sees what's she's up to.

Altus doesn't have a clue about traditional weddings and Alyce freaks out when Kabelo tells her what is expected of the bride.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Altus tells Mandla he can't do the traditional wedding. Elsabé starts to work on a tip-off that was meant for Mandla. The Theron and Terreblanche team tries to figure out how they can stay in business. Gita's got big plans for Hillside Travel.


Monday, 7 September 2009
Episode 2041

Alyce tells San-Mari about her concerns. Alyces' mother arrives and is not very happy. Ryno gives Matrone an idea for Literacy Day. Aggie tells Tim shocking news. The lobola negotiations are a huge disaster. Lukas sees Yvonne in O'Malley's.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009
Episode 2042 

Linda is excited about the vacation, but Ryno sees something is wrong with Tim. Yvonne invites Janine to a party. The news about Gita is spreading like a wild fire throughout Hillside. Isabelles saves Matrone from a bunch of unruly pre-schoolers. Emma decides to tell Linda what's going on. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2009
Episode 2043 

Ryno is very upset with Tim and tells him as much. Aggie gives Neville a brilliant plan and he calls Vince to ask him to help. Emma has to cancel her vacation with Herman. Hilda spoils Nevilles' plan and this causes big problems for Lukas. 

Thursday, 10 September 2009
Episode 2044 

Tim is shocked about how determined Linda is to get divorced as soon as possible. Lukas tries to sort out the misunderstanding between him and Clara but she is very upset with him. Mandla begs his uncles to give Alyces' father another chance. Linda confronts Gita. Janine lies to Errol and goes to a party with Yvonne. 

Friday, 11 September 2009
Episode 2045 

Alyce tells San-Mari the heartbreaking news about her and Mandla. Janine is late for school and very impatient with Errol. Oubaas tries to talk some sense into Mandla's head. Ryno cannot contain himself and he tells Gita exactly what his suspicions are. 

Monday, 14 September 2009
Episode 2046 

Maria sees what Dawid is busy with. Alyce is waiting in anticipation for her parents to return. Clara plans to return to Bukarest. Vanessa is determined to write the press release herself. Dawid cannot contain himself any longer. 

Tuesday, 15 September 2009
Episode 2047 

Tim insists on knowing what Gitas' plan is regarding the baby. Herman is back from Lesotho and goes looking for Emma. Yvonne tells Janine that it's her turn to provide money for their "recreational activities". Herman is very suspicious about Emma but Felicity sets his mind at ease. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2009
Episode 2048 

Neville asks Vince to prepare a four course meal for him and Charmaine. Tim tries to find the telephone number for Gitas' Gynecologist. Gita is furious when Dawid tells her why he isn't going ahead with the plan anymore. 

The romantic meal Neville tries to prepare turns into a disaster. Tim tells Gita that he thinks she's lying about being pregnant. 

Thursday, 17 September 2009
Episode 2049 

Gita is very upset and tells Zinzi that Tim accused her of lying about her pregnancy. Everyone in Oppiekoffie speculates about whether Charmaine and Neville got engaged. Dawid is desperate for money. Diederik plans a potjiekos competition for his Marketing assignment. Gita is taken to hospital. 

Friday, 18 September 2009
Episode 2050 

Diederik tries to think of a theme for his potjiekos competition. Janine doesn't go back to school. Neville offers to sponsor a prize for Diederiks' competition. The girls wonder if Gita had a miscarriage. Dawid begs Isabelle to exhibit his artwork in Studio 7. 

Monday, 21 September 2009
Episode 2051 

Neville and Charmaine plan to go to the magistrates court to get married. The young crowd doesn't seem to agree with this though. Kabelo surprises Gita. Tension is rising about the potjiekos competition. Gita refuses to accept Dawids' offer. Dawid recieves a letter from Australia. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2009
Episode 2052 

Marias' team decides on a very unusual reciepe for the poitjiekos. Oubaas makes a mistake that could very well upset Hilda very much. Errol confronts Janine. Hilda meddles with the other contestants ingredients. Dawid sees something that makes him realise what's really going on.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009
Episode 2053 

Alyce and Mandla are nervous about the lobola negotiations. Aggie wants to sign up for Isabelles' course. Clara invites someone to accompany her to Mostly Matisse, and it's not Lukas. Peter sets his price and an hour and a half later, Jabu and Sipho return with an answer. 

Thursday, 24 September 2009
Episode 2054 

Alyces' father is furious, but he calms himself down and they reach an agreement. Errol warns Janine against Yvonne. Herman is getting more and more impatient. Mandla is worried about how he's going to get the lobola together. Gita decides to teach Dawid and Emma a lesson. Errol sees what Janine is busy with. 

Friday, 25 September 2009
Episode 2055 

Alyce can't wait to start planning the wedding, but Refilwe very quickly bursts her bubble. Xander is excited about the course at Studio 7. Felicity warns Clara that she's playing with fire. Janine tells Errol that their relationship is over. Herman doesn't waste in anytime in going to confront Emma when he hears she's back. 

Monday, 28 September 2009
Episode 2056 

Charmaine realises what's wrong with Errol. Alyce goes to a spa with her mother to relax. Marko comes to Diederik with a plan but Diederik isn't very keen. Vince and Hilda have something up their sleeve. Neville and Tim butt heads. Herman and Dawid have a fight. 

Tuesday, 29 September 2009
Episode 2057 

Isabelle finds Aggie asleep in Studio 7. Matrone is very upset about Annelie Botes' new book. Emma is furious. Matrones' purse gets stolen in the boutique. Xander tells Neville that Linda has requested that he represent her.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009
Episode 2058 

Dawid brings Emma flowers. Diederik is still not interested in the idea of a game festival. Tim gets angry when he hears what Linda did. Vanessa finds Matrones' purse in the Deli. Linda tells Xander that her needs comes first. Isabelle warns Emma.

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